What we do

Commercial Debt Recovery

Commercial debt is a debt owed to a business by another business. When any company has late payers or is unable to secure payment it can be difficult to know how to move the situation forward. Finding a credible commercial debt recovery agency is logically the next step to ease any concerns about growing bad debt being written off. This in turn decreases your risk of insolvency.


Enforcement relates to a number of scenarios within debt recovery. It can be enforcing a CCJ (County Court Judgment) or higher if needed. A CCJ is an attempt to speed up payment. Not paying the debt from a CCJ within 1 month will affect a debtor's credit by remaining on file for 6 years. It limits borrowing and can scupper financial plans like buying a house/ car or applying for credit when making purchases.


Mediation is the conversation between two parties overseen by an independent third party. In debt collection, that means we act on your behalf to create a positive, productive conversation between you and your debtors. Mediation is a tool for maintaining good relationships. It allows both sides to air their side and provides amicable solutions. Relationships with repeat custom or one party relying on another can become frictional if debt becomes a problem.


Process serving is simple but can be a vital part of debt collection. Often, debtors may ignore letters or plead they never received any. This elongates the legal process causing frustration for creditors. To resolve this, SDC's team will ensure your documents definitely reach your debtors.